So THIS is what this series is. An explanation.

Mom asked me to tell you what Sub/Urban Justice is so you will know what I’m talking about as I relay my summer story.

First off – I could never define what "suburban justice" is. But I can tell you what our program is.

The program started when a guy named TC (I’m going to use initials here) decided that there needed to be a space for kids with privilege to do organizing work. The idea of the summer program is to bring together kids with privilege from the greater Boston area and teach them about social justice through the lenses of different "isms" (classism, racism, sexism, etc.) This summer we are bringing a group of individuals together so they can have a bigger awareness of the world around them, so they can learn about the history of different types of oppression, so that they can have a safe space to think and talk, to make a connection and find similarities across geography, race, class, and history, so they can be given the tools of facilitation and organizing in whatever areas of their life that they choose. Everyone plays part in a system, everyone deals with their own oppression.

The programs identity is fluid, though. Our idea of what we are and who we are will always be a process and will always be changing. I guess in the end that that’s the beauty of it.

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