Some notes from Pareconmeeting in Stockholm

During the weekend 25-28 February six representatives from both existing and not yet founded Pareconorganizations met in Stockholm to discuss strategy and future cooperation. Four countries were represented; Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Spain. During Saturday afternoon the meeting was visited by the project Framtid Nu (Future Now) from Katrineholm. Framtid Nu is a project focusing on young people’s thoughts on the future, the environment and vision on how to form our lives and the society we live in. Furthermore, during the course of the meeting Chris Spannos from ZCommunications, Harpreet Paul from PPS-UK and John Jacobsen from Seattle Solidarity Movement were contacted via Skypeconnections.
Parecon Finland and Parecon Sweden have the status of formal associations in their respective countries whereas the groups in Spain and Latvia are more of an informal character as of now.  Parecon Finland is the group that so far is the most advanced in their work for promoting Parecon. The organization has three active members. The group has created a sophisticated website with an attached blog site that is updated every weekday except the weekend in accordance to a schedule where the members take turn in commenting on events from a pareconish perspective. The group also gives talks at libraries in the broader Helsinki area. It is also engaged in translating Parecontexts to Finnish. The group has a strongly pronounced policy of non-exclusion which manifests itself as a conscious effort to avoid all symbols that can be associated with existing political groups.
The result of the discussions taking place in Stockholm this weekend can be summarized in the following paragraphs:

  1. The group of representatives from the different countries shall create routines for recurring feedback via mail regarding activities taken place since last time.
  2. Recurring meetings (yearly or more frequent) shall be planned
  3. Coordinated seminars and talks may be organized in the future.
  4. The establishment of contact and cooperation with other leftish and radical organizations that are not hostile towards parecon ideas and vision shall be part of a future strategy.

More ambitious projects such as a common website and a fund for financing common activities were postponed. Such projects demand a much larger base of supporters/members that now exists.
Anders Sandström 

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