A simple check: something that surely could be applied to Trump’s policies.

This is the main part of a mail I sent days ago to The WHO (The World Health Organization, https://www.who.int/home ), to the  Health Financing Department: https://www.who.int/health_financing/tools/en/

Serious problems about Governmental management of the Health Service have recently appeared and drawn the attention of progressive Parliamentary Parties. I wonder if it would be possible the GHO made an audit or a report on the Health Budget of the of Health Department of Galician Administration (a public document), headed by Jesús Vazquez Almuiña (https://www.xunta.gal/sanidade). For a comparation I attach the Galician Health Service Budget in 2018, as it appears in https://www.conselleriadefacenda.es/orzamentos/2018/DE/SERGAS.PDF#view=Fit&toolbar=0&navpanes=0, and the Catalonian Health Service Budget in 2017, as it appears in http://aplicacions.economia.gencat.cat/wpres/AppPHP/02_agrupacions.php?any=2017&id=SA&mod=1. I have contacted several companies that are specialized in making audits, but I have a very limited amount of money.

I think just a superficial look at the Galician Administration Health Services Budget brings to light a complete opacity and a contempt for clarifying the state of the real numbers, that ultimately allows the Galician Xunta to do whatever they want. (For another instance of this I add this link to a Research Parliamentary Commission about the Galician Health Services Situation, where, of a dozen members (12), seven pertain to the Galician branch of the Spanish People’s Party [https://gl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partido_Popular_de_Galicia], that heads the Galician Administration: http://www.parlamentodegalicia.es/Composicion/Organos/1000625/comision-de-investigacion-sistema-sanitario-galego

Any suggestion about how to get a report of this kind achieved would be wellcome, also.

Are there any parties in US, or anywhere, checking these administrators’ budgets? (“Junk administrators,” using the accurate term Naomi Klein employs for bankers all over the world; (BTW someone told me, at a gas station bar, while I was commenting this this morning, that the Galician word for “junk” is “ferralla;” there has always been a lot of emigrants to US in this region. The church of the village of Cee was built by a guy who had lived in New York and died in 1871)).


(“Thousands of people demonstrate in Vigo against the Xunta in demand of a decent health care,” titles the headline.) One of the pics, it seems, was sent, or taken, or she appears in it somehow, by Eva Solla (Fernandez), who is also the Secretary of the Research Parliamentary Commission I mentioned above, and a member of some Galician Communist Party.




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