Something is fucked up in the psychiatric system: The “ Dopamine Hypotheses.” (Chemotherapy and Antypsichotics)

If Cancer’s  patients are allowed to reject  Chemotherapy …, Why Mental Health Patients are life-time enforced (by gubernamental laws, by their families and “caregivers,” by the Cops, by judges), to be their whole life “on Meds”?https://beyondmeds.com/2019/05/03/embracing-our-madness/

This is one of my many  posts to Galician Deputy in the Spanish Congress (she’s leaded the United Left Galician Thing for fourteen (14) years, and has now started something she calls “We (Female) United We Can,” working closely with Pablo Iglesias), Yolanda Díaz Perez (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Left_(Galicia)?wprov=sfti1


“I see that, among the many areas, that you are playing at in EnMarea, and that they seem all frantic and useless (Yolanda defines it perfectly: you hack us, in the Concellerias, Galician gubernamental departments, in the press, they are hackers); there is also the mental health issue. The theories about the genesis of psychiatric  disorders  ALL Galician psychiatrists base upon, and according to which they prescribe their drugs, lack  scientific  evidence. The idea that Schizophrenia  is  produced by an “excess of dopamine” that has to be stopped by means of meds reducing the presence of this substance,  and generating loss of brain mass, anhedonia, Parkinsonian symptoms, focus issues and a thousand other side-effects has been almost universally dismissed. Against this dopaminergical  theory there are hundreds of documented articles in the web . But, Galician psychiatrists, is what they’ve been taught, in Franco’s times, I guess, and that’s why A Costa da Morte, ”The Death Coast,” near Finisterre, (https://gl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costa_da_Morte?wprov=sfti1 ), where I’ve got a house, is full of zombies, walking by the sea, at 12 am, or guys that have to fight the symptoms of antipsychotics withdrawal, which nobody has any idea about  how hard it is, and may last for several months, or forever. I expect to get  advice soon from other pharmacologists and psychologists (https://www.clinicadoctoramateo.es/servicio-de-psicologia-sanitaria/ ), also stranded  here.”

“Dr Ronald Pies, the current editor in Chief Emeritus of Psychiatric Times (https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/  ) with a circulation  of about 50,000 psychiatrists monthly, wrote on July 11, 2011 ” In truth, the “chemical imbalance” notion was always a kind of urban legend- – never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrics.” https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/couch-crisis/psychiatrys-new-brain-mind-and-legend-chemical-imbalance





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