Starting the social capital experiment

 I have been talking to a number of academics about the development of a field of study of social capital in Ireland based on some commonly agreed criteria.

Basically I have been talking to people in Trinity College Dublin (TCD), specifically in the Centre for Non-profit Management (CNM).  Also I met with some academics from Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) about them possibly participating in the project.

We need to get metrics agreed as soon as possible so that a proper programmes can be worked out.  There needs to be pre-radio on air surveys carried out to assess current levels of social capital in the town.  Hopefully these surveys will be carried out by people from the local college and analysed by them and also people from TCD.

There are funding opportunities available for such work and I have been in touch with one group who are interested, but they need the first paper, outlining what the study may comprise before the end of this week, not so great.  But the fact that they have expressed an interest and wish for me to put in a paper before their deadline for project consideration is itself a great sign.

Hopefully before the end of the week, we can get some basic metrics agreed and a short outline paper to the potential funders of the overall project.

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