Study: “Rich Countries’ Invisible Emissions”

Study: “Rich Countries’ Invisible Emissions”

Much of China’s increase in CO2 emissions can be attributed to producing goods for export, the large majority of which goes to Western countries, according to a new study by the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Researc[A1] h (CICERO).

The report stated that there’s been a 45% increase in Chinese CO2 omissions from 2002 to 2005.  Half of that has been the result of production for exports, 60% of which was exported to Western countries.  Electronic goods, chemicals, metals, and machinery contributed most to the increase.

Goods produced for the US were responsible for 9% of the total emissions while all of Europe accounted for 6[A2] %.  The study found that only 7% was the result of Chinese household consumption.  The second leading factor in the emissions rise was primarily construction as a result of "capital formation."

“This makes us reflect on how we are a part of a global system, and how we partly drive emissions in other countries,” Glen Peters, a researcher at CICERO, said

 “It is important to take at least some responsibility for problems that we cause indirectly in other countries.”

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 [A2]Study: Western Demand Boosts Chinese CO2 Emissions

A new study has found Western countries continue to play a major role in China’s status as the leading emitter of greenhouse gases. The Oslo-based Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research says half of China’s recent increase in carbon dioxide pollution is caused by producing goods for other countries. Nearly one-third of Chinese emissions result from manufacturing products for export. Nine percent of the total resulted from goods for the US, compared to six percent for all of Europe.


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