Hello folks,

It’s been a very exhausting week. We had our staff retreat in Cambridge on Monday night. When I think of a retreat I think of team building games and excersises, crappy food and obscure – in depth conversations.

This was not how this retreat went. Non of us went in with that mind set either. We spent most of our time working through logistics and curriculum planning meetings. We got a break at night and went to EP’s house to make dinner and watch a movie (we ended up watching "confidence" which was NOT good but we got a few laughs out of it.) I got a chance to take a walk through Harvard Square at night and it helped. After our movie we went back to the Democracy Center (where most of our program will take place) and I fell asleep on hard wood floor. In the morning we loaded up on coffee and bagels then went straight back to work for the next 8 hours.

Welcome to radical politics. It’s Friday and since then we have had two staff meetings. The participant retreat is on MONDAY! I’m really excited, albeit nervous, to really get this going.

On a more personal note – I learned how to do compound interest and I passed a math test today. I’m thinking of retaking a test later on (because it’s all on the computer) to up my grades and get a B+ or A. I have a midterm on Monday and my final on Wednesday and I’m missing a dentist appointment on Tuesday because of SJS (Suburban Justice Summer.) It’s bizzarre to be thinking about grades when I’m so against them but if I want to do college I’m going to have follow SOME normalness.

Plus – don’t they always say something like "you gotta know the system to be able to break it"?

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