Support Fired/Locked Out IWW Union Workers

What: Last August, workers at Flaum Appetizing Corp. decided to join the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Food and Allied Workers Union 460/640 to demand decent working conditions, respect, and a voice on the job. Since then, workers have engaged the company in a struggle which has won paid breaks, their first paid holidays, paid vacations, and time and a half for hour worked over 40. In addition, a federal lawsuit has been filed against Flaum for past violations of Wage and Hour Laws.

However, Flaum recently–last week of May–went to the extreme to break they union, by firing all 20 of the union members–a blatant violation of the law.

We call on all supporters to join us in a protest at Flaum. Let’s show them that they cannot violated workers’ rights with impunity, and demand unconditional reinstatement of all union workers.

When: Thursday, June 5th. 4-7 PM

Where: Flaum Appetizing. 288 Scholes St, Brooklyn, NY
Take the L train to the Montrose stop. Exit out the left of the station. Walk straight down Bushwick two blocks, and take a right on Scholes. We will be meeting at the park on Scholes, and then proceeding to march on Flaum, a block away.

Contact info:
John Cronan 401-413-2443
Billy Randel 646-645-6284

Appeal for Material support: Also, we are desperately in need of funds to support the fired workers—many have families. More than ever we need to live by the Wobbly motto, “An injury to one is an injury to all.” Please send checks made out to: Industrial Workers of the World 460/640

And send them to:

Industrial Workers of the World 460/640

44-61 11th St. 3rd Floor

Long Island City, New York 11101


The IWW Food and Allied Workers Union 460/640. has built a rank and file union that has been struggling for the last 3 years. The entire union, with exception of a handfull, are immigrant workers who face sub-legal working conditions. Support for workers enduring such exploitation will surely help in the fight to organize workers power everywhere–not merely for the lowest strata. So, please support their struggle.

Solidarity Forever

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