Take a Lobbyist To Work Day Part One

    I am working up a little program called "Take a Lobbyist To Work Day!".   The idea is rather simple.  Lobbyists don’t know anything about working peoples lives, and it would be helpful for working people to take them along to their jobs for a day, just like they do with children on "Take Your Kid to Work Day!"

     I live in Oklahoma City, and occassionaly do Citizen Presentations.  They are a great way to get involved in the community.  People see you on the local access channel…and others can see you talking on the internet.  My friends and I have been doing these for awhile, some very interesting ones and some quite sad.  Five years ago we spoke in Ft Worth (when I was living there) on a place called the water gardens, and how it was unsafe and that the city should put up some guard rails and some signs.  Sadly, two moths later five people died there.  Three young children who were in town for a youth church trip, and a couple of adults who were trying to save them.  Here is a clip of the news coverage mentioning our presentation:

     Have a look at my intro presentation, next week I am going to the council to outline my plans for the program:


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