Tamsin Omond book review

Rush! The making of a climate activist by Tamsin Omond (Marion Boyars, £7.99) 

Scaling the roof of the House of Commons to demonstrate against airport expansion and founding the Suffragette-inspired environmental protest group Climate Rush are just two of the reasons why 24-year old Tamsin Omond is the media’s favourite environmental activist.
From her student days at Cambridge and work as a trainee priest, Rush! The making of a climate activist  is Omond‘s account of how she became involved in organising the imaginative and media-savvy ‘actions’ that have helped to redefine what it means to care and protest about climate change.
A quick read, the 240-pages are filled with killer facts, up to date references and a useful ‘DIY guide for the climate Suffragette’. Best of all is the honest, open and optimistic tone of Omond’s writing, always engaged but never preachy. An essential and inspirational book for anyone who cares about the environment and wants to do something about it.

* Published in the Morning Star

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