Ted Turner’s Blunder



There was a time when the suicide son had enough moxie and money to take over a major network and to do some real good.  Sort of anti-propaganda man. Seems he tried to get NBC, or was it, CBS?  Anyway, he came closer than any other liberal pretender I can think of.


Yep, he cd have modeled his network as the polar opposite of Fox News better known as the dolt* network.  Think of the possibilities!  Programs specifically trashing the Fake News statements that incessantly spew out of the most mendacious organization that has ever existed.  Programs illustrating the  moronic personalities at Fox.  A program with Gore Vidal and Alexander Cockburn to chew up the elites and spit them out on a daily basis. Programs mocking the so-called education in this country.  It’s limitless.


But, no.  He would have followed his greed never having put an end to any of the corruption that goes on in this country because of hucksters, which, by the way, Big Ted was one of the worst.


* Credit goes to Dr. Morris Berman, an ex-patriot living in Mexico and author of “America Has Failed”.

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