Teen Quiz I Wrote

OK, as I mentioned in my last blog, I've been looking through all these posts I put up on Helium.com about five years ago.

The website had a request for a Quiz on the topic of "one word that describes you."

If it is a faux pas to laugh at your own joke, then I am guilty of the worse crime of bragging on my blog that I laughed at my own joke.

Hope you like it:


What one word best describes you?

1) What word best describes your Halloween costume?
A) cute
B) scary
C) clothes
D) sexy

2) What word best describes how you feel after getting dumped?
A) heartbroken
B) bitter
C) nonchalant
D) ecstatic

3) What word best describes what you look for in a friend?
A) sympathetic
B) acquiescent
C) breathing
D) benefits

4) What word best describes what you do after work or school?
A) cry
B) scheme
C) sleep
D) party

5) What word best describes your taste in food
A) whatever
B) spicy
C) bland
D) fiery

6) What word best describes the subject of your favorite book.
A) mice
B) tigers
C) dictionary
D) sex

Now these six words you have chosen will reveal what kind of person you are!

Mostly A's: You are a little weak in the knees and spine. It's important to be vulnerable but you've taken it to the extreme and you need a little backbone reinforcement. Might be time to buy a punching bag and let out that pent up aggression. Or maybe join an assertiveness training course.

Mostly B's: You are the manipulator extraordinaire. You'll say anything to get your way. All you care about is yourself and other people are just stepping stones in your plan for world domination. Definitely in need of a major chill pill, and if that doesn't work seriously consider military school.

Mostly C's: You are the zombie. No offense, but you need to grow a personality, cuz right now all people notice about you is the drool coming off your lower lip. But look at the bright side: that's a starting point. Throw in some growls and a stiff walk and you'll be getting somewhere.

Mostly D's: You really like to have fun. I mean *really*. It might help you a little to date the zombie; a little stability would do you some good. If that's too strong of medicine, try to at least get a job or go to school or at the very least something other than getting wasted and having sex.

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