Galician terrorism and Galician “terrorists” under His Majesty King Felipe VI and in Fernando Grande-Marlaska’s Spain

On Monday, 24th this year, 2022, on the National Court, in Spain, Felipe VI’s SK, where we have a nice, really handsome, “gay,” Minister of Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, with some kind of delirious curricle, a fucking “gay” troll, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_Grande-Marlaska?wprov=sfti1 ), three Galician guys will be on trial. Just copy and paste their bios, as I find them in the site of the Galician anti-repressive organization Ceivar, https://www.ceivar.org/

We start here the publication of short biographies of the people who will be tried this 24J 2022, in Madrid.


He was born in 79 in Compostela.

He has a degree in Philosophy and is also a graphic designer. He worked as a digital security consultant with the bit-us company (https://www.incibe.es/protege-tu-empresa/catalogo-de-ciberseguridad/listado-empresas/bitnos)

He joined the army at the age of 16 and was the founder of the Independentist Youth Assembly (AMI), for which he had already been arrested and accused by the National Court of “illicit association” in 2005, in a Civil Guard operation.  This case was filed without going to trial.

He also militated in other pro-independence political organizations and social projects, such as critical information newspapers (Novas da Galiza), Social Centers (Sem Um Cam, in Ourense), rural communities (A Tornajeira, in Vila Marim).

He was arrested on June 18, 2019 and accused of belonging to an armed gang, for his alleged involvement in the Galician resistance.

He faces a 12-year prison sentence.

During these two years he was in the prisons of: Soto del Real (Madrid) and A Lama (Ponte Vedra).

On the 24th of this month he will be tried in the National Court.  Write some words of encouragement and dress to:


C.P.  The Lama

Monte Racelo s / n

36830 A Lama



She was born on May 16, 1966.

She studied English Philology in Compostela.

She actively collaborated in the anti-AIDS committee of Compostela.

She was arrested on June 14, 2019 in Vigo, in an operation by the Civil Guard ordered by the National Court.

She was imprisoned in Soto del Real (Madrid), and months later was transferred to the Estremera prison (Madrid).

She is currently in the Teixeiro prison.  She faces a 51-years sentence.

The 24th of this month (January, 2022) will be judged in the National Court.  Write some words of encouragement and dress to:


C.P.  Teixeiro

Carretera de Paradela s / n

15310 Teixeiro



He was born in Compostela in 1968.

He began his political activity in the E.R.G.A.  playing a very important role in high school.

He shared his student activity with working as a bender in the company “Imaxe Galega”.  He organized the trade union section of the “Intersindical Nacional dos Trabalhadores / as Galegos” within the company, later becoming part of the management of the Compostela area as a youth representative.

Later, while studying Galician-Portuguese Philology, he joined the C.A.F.  at the same time he is co-organizer of the Youth Group of the B.N.G.  in the region of Compostela, being one of its representatives in the County Council of this Organization.

He was one of the founders of the “Ferradura Youth Association”.  He was part of the Poetic Group “Dad is hungry, we too” and a member of the Galician Language Association (AGAL).

First arrest 1988

On May 28, 1988, he was arrested in Castro Caldelas (Ourense) by the GEO Special Operations Groups, as part of the investigation by the Galician anti-terrorist intelligence brigades.

During his detention, transfer and interrogation, he was beaten (in the testicles, head, stomach, face), and was also shot in the neck with a pistol while threatening to kill him.  During this time there were also constant psychological threats.

He entered the prison of Pereiro de Aguiar (Ourense) and on June 8 he was dispersed to the prison of Alcalá Meco (Madrid-2) where he also suffered constant night beatings with electric batons.

In 1989 he was tried for attempting to blow up the equestrian statue of Franco in Ferrol with explosives, and was acquitted of this charge.

In 1990 he was transferred to the Almería Penitentiary Center, the Acebuche.

In November 1991, he was sentenced to 8 years for integration into an armed gang and 3 months for forgery. That sentence was appealed, and he was released from it on bail in July 1992, though with the final sentence of the Supreme Court still pending, after a pre-trial detention of four years.

In 1993 the Supreme Court handed down the final sentence, which was not communicated to him by anyone, and was  put in search and capture. He was arrested on July 24 (in front of the family home) and transferred to the Picassent Penitentiary Center (Valencia).

He was released on bail in April 1995.

He studied Forest Foreman and worked as a Brigade Chief in various firefighting campaigns and in forestry companies until 2005.

Second arrest 2005

On November 14, 2005, he was arrested in Compostela, as part of Operation Castinheiras, a Civil Guard operative against the Independentist Youth Assembly (AMI) and other pro-independence activists.  Transferred to the National Court, he was released without charge and the case ended up being closed.

Third arrest 2019

On June 14, 2019, he was arrested in Vigo.

He entered the Soto del Real prison (Madrid V) for 5 months until November 6, when he was transferred to the Estremera prison (Madrid VII), where he remained in the 1st degree regime and in absolute isolation for 9 months.

On June 8, 2020, he was transferred to Teixeiro under the ordinary 1st degree scheme.

He faces a 51-year sentence.

On the 24th of this month he will be tried in the National Court.  Write some words of encouragement and dress to:


C.P.  Teixeiro

Carretera de Paradela s / n

15310 Teixeiro


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