News Item:  Obama delivers his third State of the Union address

"Let me be clear" …"Change isn't easy".  "Make no mistake".  "It won't happen overnight."

"Let me be clear.  Bankers don't need another vote in the United States Senate.  They've got plenty.  Where's yours?  That's the question".

You askin' me, where's mine?  You tellin' me the  White House Chief of Staff office is owned by the banks?  Wasserstein Parella (Rahm Emanuel), J. P. Morgan Chase (Bill Daley), and now Citigroup (Jacob "Jack" Lew).

Listen young man, I say "no bailouts, no handouts"… "an economy where everyone gets a fair shot" … "keep that promise alive"…"stop subsidizing millionaires".

You askin', what about the trillions in bank bailouts?  What about the Bush tax cuts subsidizing millionaires?  Security!  Who let that guy in?  You know I can put you in jail indefinitely, without trial.  That's the law.  I signed it.

Anyhow, I have a one-word answer to these questions, CHANGE!  CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN …  You betcha!

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