the case of sugar-salt-fat ‘laced’ w B-T Corn…

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                        the case of sugar-salt-fat ‘laced’ w B-T Corn…
          The “hype” season is upon you or from those who believe that non-Issues is political pronouncement i.e. that political-Parity is the one-Party’s systematic disgrace of not having debates including all candidates, plus! So, political-Parties is politics and various UN-finished factors of economic jobs-banks bailouts-publics/damned for trying to werk: aspects, social, political, anti-Wars, neglect of human-Rights are not to be talked about. That they’ve been bought-Off by oligarchs methods of conventional propaganda instills the state’s legacy to continue w the attitude of buying your own wars polemic. The people have been bought-Off if their manneristic and meagre political nonce or allotment that non-discussion AND issues do not exist is less than may seem obvious, but justly, how far deep is that measure.
 “Wiretapping and other forms of surveillance are of course not limited to Turkey. They are prevalent in the enlightened West. Many of the constraints imposed in the US years ago have been lifted by presidents Bush and Obama, though the courts have struck down some of their efforts, most recently the attempt of the Obama Justice Department to justify illegal wiretapping by appeal to the need to protect “state secrets” — in this case to protect crimes of the Bush administration from exposure. In this and in other cases Obama is going even beyond Bush in violation of civil rights by illegal means, as several civil libertarians have rightly charged.”
Please read/see: Lecture at the Istanbul Conference on Freedom of Speech
By Noam Chomsky Wednesday, October 20, 2010 http://zcomm.org/lecture-at-the-istanbul-conference-on-freedom-of-speech-by-noam-chomsky
AND                   torture-Rendition is an Issue—politics or human-Rights
         “The case of the Newburgh Four bears many of the same characteristics of two other recent so-called homegrown terror cases involving Muslim men: the case of the Fort Dix Five, where five men from suburban New Jersey were convicted last year of conspiring to kill American soldiers at the Fort Dix Army base, and a case in Albany, New York, where a pizzeria owner and the imam of a local mosque were convicted of money laundering and conspiracy to support terrorism. In all three cases, Muslim men were arrested on terror charges. In all three cases, no terrorist crime was actually committed. In fact, no one was killed or injured. And all three cases rely heavily on hundreds of hours of surveillance secretly recorded by a paid government informant.”
DEM Now 10-05-10
Entrapment or Foiling Terror? FBI’s Reliance on Paid Informants Raises Questions about Validity of Terrorism Cases          
                           is socio-Polity during angst-Season hype…
Stupefaction at illegalities and UN-lawful wars is hype-Extension of transgressed human-Rights of both written and constitutional Laws. Ohh-bom-bah is as bad as g-Enron admin—if, not worse in as much as he’s extended all the wrongdoings and allotted that the Judicial Supreme context cannot hold him in any response but profoundly regrettable? The waste is bailout was regret? Since when is paying those who stole from you regret? A third party, and get from the one-party parody is more than my suggestion…(note: no one was as bad an actor as chain-gang Dickie, whose pNAC neo-Con’s belligerence) and all those who tried to dupe the citizenry of their clan, seemed not to spread love around—at all!
BUT                    the case of sugar-salt-fat ‘laced’ w B-T Corn...
       Monsanto Corp both u-s government and Canada government agencies, offices and morally delinquent, or blamed brainless corporatist takeover of capitalism leaves the thinking mind-Scape encapsulating or chivving at the mouth! Genetic Modification of seeds has meant other gnenome “modifications of the DNA structure of living animo acids is now “no longer prescient”? bOnNiE fAuLkNEr’s discussion w Percy Schmeiser on antibiotic resistance marker genes; on the contamination as a way to get regulatory approval; about adverse human health effects of GMO’s; onwaaaaard hybridization versus genetic modification; inward virus and bacteria vectors; lovely terminator and suicide genes; ever-last below belt crossing species…these were basically so hard to swallow that I had to write the insignificancies. Failing that, there are basically 6-7-8 points, well articulated!  This is to say that an “absolutist-Disgust” involving genome sequencing despicability exists where there was oNLY the nuclear-Molecular—two weapons and their pollutions gay-Lore—before this day! The facts are so encompassing, that the word “awesome” almost holds the prescience-of-Laws w.o. good laws usefully engendering the resolve for the injustice’s amenity!
Always a massive “increase” for these chemicals said Peter Schmeiser in his second Part, an analysis that is the description of first meting w.i. the scope of newer ways, but renewals of interests be darned? The question is to contaminate or to allow oNLY contamination”! World UN-resourceful contamination of genetic-Based seed stocks due GMO cross-Fertilization GMO terminator seeds. This is a dead-End that may enterprise the explosions of wTC buildings one, two and then-some @ 5:35 p.m. why not #7, too! Whereas NSDU-238 was as much a non-resolved formula of belligerence “or-Else”,I shall continue to finish my writings on the cross-current and dis-favorable natures found in the nurtureless-Manipulation of “nuclear-Molecularist extent i.e. that of the tenditiousness” while remaining to abut this GMO-factor that does go where the truth belies the issues of extent, anyway-How? What goes beyond suicide use of “terminator-Seed” i.e. the extant of human indifference w non-Robotic excising[1]?
What this relates is that instant paranoia’s may not be enough to circumnavigate the traipsings of governance w.o. goin’ stir-Crazy that the empire is behind not only slavery, eradication of waters for world monopoly, and NSDU-238 to build a militarism against “humanism” and meteorites, comets they have no ears so you cannot beat them? But implosions, explosions, be damned, what discourse there has not been soon will be setting the course for recourse is imminently indeed, in need. That thru the utilization of merely allowing chemicals or hormones or insecticides introduced into GMO, that these infiltrate and take hold in beyond a multiple of vacuous extensions of having been manipulated and breed to become dispensed in green-Plants, those that flower or basically give-Off pollin! The will of GMO is that the gnenome oNLY survives in GMO cellular/molecular microns ooze w.i. the codifications of animo acids break-downs and other extracting more sensible definitives of consequence for more chemically induced and Pharmacology manipulated hormones, or killing-Off seeds from grasses, from grains, from exposures that will harbor inside the human tissues even moreso than cancerous-Growths. And, that these GMO’s have no immune response for humans needing to allow “immuno-deficiency” not to become back-logged w any kind of derivative “genome sequestering”.
This is old-Stuff compared to what the “terminator-Seed” and it’s spliced genetic-Structure can do and already is, like polluting via cross-fertilization of winds dispersals w.o. any quandary for insouciance to become “reversed” is fecund-fun and deadliest beyond even encapsulating contact w a virus. The quest may be and pertain to “what’s natural or what’s organic” but these genetic-Deformities smirk of not enough NSDU-238 observation and robotic civilian-killing drones are great for society, what else is next?! One cannot surmise any factor else-wised of a positive insignificance, when all is too much significance and no u-Turns capable! Dig.
Please join into progressives’ radio/http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/64806
         “peace is not wars, but killing is an inviolate non-Option”
                                      luv from the peace-Warrior,
                                               “R” Addison

[1]There is no just way to redress “clean-Oops of NSD-238 scattered microns from aerosolized usages”, other than not to allow the winds thru winds spredation. This newly informative consequence of genetic-manipulation of GMO foods has also gone too "far” by manipulation of laws!! I justly wondered why I misspelled double-lettered words w three-letters for about 3-weeks now…

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