The catch-22 of dealing with a myriad of public bodies

 Having to deal with a number of different public agencies poses a number of problems, not likely all just in Ireland, dare I say.

For a community radio station a licence is required and there is a lengthy application process.  The licensing body, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has issued new guidelines, permitting temporary community licenses for up to 100 days in a year.

Funding agencies also require a lengthy process to be undertaken.  

They require matching funding of up to 25% of the amount sought, but they also require that you spend the money before you get it and then they pay you back.

 So for one example, we are looking for 100k, we have to have 25k and also must be able to spend 100k before we can claim back the 75k in grant funding.  so you have to have access to 100k to get 75k, even though you are applying for funding because you have no money.

Joseph Heller, eat your heart out

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