The Illusion of Freedom on The Internet

Julian Assange and Edward Snowden is a person who is now hunted by the security of the United States because of him disseminate data and confidential information in the internet world. Both of these people want to show to the public that the cyber world or the internet that we use everyday is not safe for privacy, because someday these data will be used by political and business interests.

Wikileaks case is the first case that shook the world because of the leaking of diplomatic cables, the U.S. embassy around the world. As the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange wants to disclose information to the public in a transparent manner how the policy of the United States government through its representatives to get an important information in a country. Wikileaks itself contain data that is confidential information regarding the messages from representatives of embassies around the world on the condition of the country they occupy. Through its website that the public can know how the superpower influence international policies as well as opening the secret behind his role in the internal politics of a country. because of the courage of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be hunted as the United States and seeks security for extradition, but he asked for asylum in Ecuador and hiding in the country’s embassy in London, England today.

Edward Snowden is a former engineering contractors and employees of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a contractor for the National Security Agency program information before divulging secret NSA spying to the public. Snowden divulge the reason is because the secret intelligence activities because of feeling guilty conscience calls spy on millions of the world’s Internet users. This event is getting worried about the Internet users number has reached hundreds of millions maybe even billions of people this. Snowden said that he was assigned to record the data records of Internet users to the level of ordinary people to be a current intelligence data that can be exploited for the sake of national security. The project at the request of a private intelligence company in collaboration with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), the cyber-world data recording then be used as regulatory or security agency action if it can threaten the existence of the superpower. Because of this courage to be hunted Snowden U.S. security and the case is now a diplomatic dispute arena complex because it involves several countries who are interested in receiving asylum.

Assange and Snowden create enlightened public because it’s dependence on the internet, a lot of personal activities that use this medium such as correspondence, business, until the activities of other interactions. For those who are familiar with internet world a lot of work, social relationships, searching for information, downloading data becomes easier and faster, and assume that the internet world is so informative and accurate. The development of communications equipment such as gadgets or tablets it even easier for people all over the world to interact and update information anywhere so fast.

Cyber ​​world or the Internet have long been questioned by many parties about freedom, the freedom for some information contained in this virtual space in time natnti will experience legal problems. This has proven problematic when many parties who feel aggrieved because of rampant copyright menggunduh web for free movies, music, and documents. In addition to copyright issues also rampant theft of personal data on the Internet and misused for cyber crimes such as profits, steal financial data, and so forth. But On the one hand, the Internet has become a new democratic space for the public arena for expression sometimes administered by the state does not respect the rights of democracy itself. So it is not surprising that the Internet media into a new democratic space to express the freedom of someone who in the opinion of the public domain does not get anywhere. Recent events such as political unrest in the Arab region can not be separated from the role of the Internet through social media able to enchant young people take action to change there. With the motto of liberty lot of people think the democratization of information contained in this virtual medium, the Internet became a new space of freedom to disseminate information, opinion and build a community to fight for the rights of life. But it could be said that the cyber world has become a dangerous space for privacy since all personal data can be used by various groups for particular interests. Freedom in the Internet space eventually just be an illusion of the dream of the people who want to find real freedom. Through the case of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden then the public should be more intelligent in using the Internet medium. Because of this virtual space has become the arena of state and business, the state of technology is used as the data information of its citizens. While Internet technology to businesses be collect information for potential consumers looking for the data. So it is natural that in the world of internet freedom is an illusion.

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