The Mr. Furley Effect

Jack isn’t acting straight with you?

     The present health care debate buzzing through the veins of our US political animal highlights once again, for those who did not get it the first thousand times,  its rough shape and motives.  If you have taken a step back from your television set anytime in the past 10 years and blurred your eyes a bit the same reality would have been seen streaking from sound bite to sound bite crossing channels and mediums of US main stream news like headlights and taillights giving form to a dark highway.  This ability to see the forest for the trees while moving 70 miles an hour to work or to school or home from work or to pick up the kids is not listed, or hyper-linked to in our now enormous lists of information at our disposal.  The game of "guess what animal makes decisions for you"  keeps us riveted to our TV’s and monitors so to not miss a clue,  the buzz is sometimes very entertaining.  I remember watching re-runs of "Three’s Company" when I was a kid.  The slapstick comedy and absurd antics of Jack Tripper set against the backdrop of two beautiful young co-eds in an expensive California setting intrigued my eight year old brain.   I was too young to grasp the reasoning behind the tomfoolery, but Jack ‘s one-liners gave me something wry and smart-ass to startle my mom with, I remember one to this day " Mr.Hadely has been acting badly"  I thought was gold.  The linchpin in the sitcom’s entertainment house of cards was the landlord, Mr. Furley, who did not think it proper for two college girls to cohabitate with a single man (although he thought it OK to ogle over them ever chance he got).  Of course the two college girls needed Jack to make rent and a plan was hatched to tell Mr. Furley Jack was gay to remain in the apartment, hilarity thus ensuing.  The character and shape of what in broad terms could be called "US politics" basically functions in the same way.  Once I was told what being a homosexual was and why it may be necessary to lie about it to a Mr.  Furley I soon lost interest in the now not-so-mysterious jokes, and saw the show as idiotic.     

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