The New Issue of Struggle Magazine is out

The Spring – Summer issue of Struggle Magazine is out. It’s filled, as usual, with working class poems, essays, short fiction, and art. Subtitled, “A Magazine of Proletarian Revolutionary Art,” struggle has been around for decades. We have all encountered print accounts of the proverbial middle-class person who likes to put their feet up and enjoy the Sunday New York Times. I feel the same way when my subscribed issue of Struggle  lands in my mailbox.

This issue features poetry from Raymond Nat Turner, and there’s a note from Marilyn Buck, who was another subscriber, to Tim Hall, the long time editor which expresses her final wishes that Struggle continues to publish into the future.

Tim Hall is a poet in his own right, a musician, and a long-time activist whose experience spans the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to the current labor movement.

If you are looking for MFA type writing, which I would describe for the most part as pointless but extremely fine writing, don’t bother with Struggle. This is literature with a message. Many of the writers, like Paris Smith, have extensive publication records with longer works, and have been published by a variety of small presses including Plain View Press.

So, if any of this intrigues you, go to www.Strugglemagazine.net and take a look for yourself. If you like what you see, get a subscription, and help the cause of proletarian art.

Full disclosure – I’ve had short pieces published by Struggle, but that’s not why I subscribe.

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