The New School for Social Revolution

Adopted at the last General Meeting of the New School chapter of SDS.


The New School chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is a leftist organization fighting for the radical transformation of our communities and society as a whole. We believe it is necessary to develop a critical analysis of the world in which we live, present viable alternatives to oppressive institutions, and build a movement for the attainment of human liberation. 

We fight for a participatory democracy that empowers its citizens to realize their potential, a democracy where every person, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, class, ethnicity or any other delineation has a say in decisions proportionate to the degree to which they are affected by the outcomes.

We fight for a future beyond authoritarianism, capitalism, and imperialism – a future of self-managed communities deriving strength from hope and ingenuity rather than alienation and fear; a future free of the engines of repression present in state authority; a future where social needs, not profits, are of primary concern; a future of community among all people.

We fight for an existence based on humanistic values – an existence free of the corporate domination that is ruining our environment; an existence free of social neglect and glorified wastefulness; an existence where long-term sustainability is the established goal.

We devote ourselves to the study of these alternatives, to the action we can take to achieve them, and to combating the obstacles that stand in our way.  We devote ourselves to creating a movement that fosters solidarity, diversity, equality, and self-management.  We are committed to expanding this movement into a force capable of creating revolutionary change.

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