The New Znet

I must say I am very impressed with the new Znet!

Lots of great functionality, features, options, bells, whistles, toys, tools, etc. But I do have some important problems to report…

  1. While I did manage to find some articles about Bono and Madonna, oddly enough, I couldn’t find any info on Lindsay Lohan’s new hair color or Apple’s new iLife product which combines mp3 player, phone, backhair removal system, "green" car, rocking chair and single-malt whiskey distillery. I’ve also searched endlessly for an quick and easy solution to fixing our world, but I can’t seem to find it. I’m assuming this is just a temporary bug in the database or maybe some of the content hasn’t been migrated over to the new system yet.
  2. I uploaded a photo of myself to my account which does show up on my Zspace page. The problem is that the way the photo is displayed does not capture the true beauty of my salt & pepper hair, which I’ve been told by countless people is magnificent (some ladies even say it looks distinguished).
  3. I don’t like the color purple (not the book/movie/play, the actual color)
  4. There isn’t nearly enough advertising on the website. How the hell am I supposed to get the newest Toby Keith ringtones?

As you can tell, there is still a long way to go, but I will keep looking around for other problems and report them.

Keep up the good work! (and maybe lighten up on the unamerican comments)

Tal Ariel





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