The Old Blogs are Dead — Long Live the New ZNet Blog!

I don’t even want to begin explaining the nightmare I went to trying to fix the blog system, and then when that failed, trying to configure this new system to handle our special needs. But, alas, here it is —

an all new ZNet Blog powered by the brand new Expression Engine 1.0 software. This is so much better than our old stuff — MovableType — it’s almost not worth discussing. So I won’t.

There are a lot of changes afoot. We haven’t lost any of the old content, but now we’ve essentially reformatted the whole system — out of technical necessity — and the new ZNet Blog is a leaner project.
We’ve lost the concept of separate, individually titled weblogs, some of them authored by individuals, others collectively published. Now everything is collective, and diverse individuals covering a range of interests will have their content intermingled more seamlessly. Readers can still “drill down” and brows by author, category, date, etc — but now one can see media analysis, strategic vision, current events commentary and phylosophy all in one, integrated weblog without skipping a beat.

Hopefully, in coming days all the old bloggers will migrate to this new system. It’s waiting for them to begin participating. I’ll also be adding links back to all the old weblogs — they won’t be moving, so you can always see them where they always resided.

Another exciting aspect is that we’ll be openging comments up to all “members” of this website — and anyone can become a member, for free. We may eventually return to the sustainers-only model, but that depends on the quality of comments coming from the broader pool of ZNet readers. If the system is not abused (as it was before), we may leave it open.

There’s going to be lots to explore here soon, so please check back frequently and see all the bloggers you see listed to the right, and hopefully some new ones, too!

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