The Paradigm You Protect is Void

The Paradigm You Protect is Void


As crazy as this world is, there are actually some people out there who would have you believe it to be the apotheosis of sanity.  There are people who have incredible reach and time, and all they do is devote the entirety of their existence to teaching you that that gnawing and nagging little voice that troubles you every time you pass a credit card to a merchant’s cashier is not only completely wrong, but that it does not exist at all.


Oh, what these folks would give were their assessments to be true.  What these people would sacrifice in order to have this order that they constantly claim envelops the planet day in and day out, despite the barrage of evidence to the contrary.  And by evidence, I mean bodies.  By evidence, I mean Africa.  By evidence, I mean India.  By evidence, I mean the plight of the small farmer, here and abroad.  By evidence, I mean the thousands of people who “disappeared” in Latin America following world war two.


Of course, these scholars have little to no clue in regards to what the world really is.  People are merely percentage points that move up and down according to the whims of a market that determines everything at its own whim, as though it were the mythical Hydra, and we are powerless to do naught but await its ever growing maw as it clamps down on us as is its unalienable right according to those maxims put forth by societal planners and their think tank cronies.


But we do not face a mythical beast that defies all explanation and manners in combating it.   We do not face something that is just outside the realm of the explainable.  We face the enemy of compliance and mythical belief.  Because according to these masters of men and women across the globe, those casualties are quite acceptable because they have put forth the greatest pseudo science of all time.  These losses are merely because those people are undesirable within a praxis and paradigm that only allows for the accumulation of wealth, and nothing else.


Whenever one speaks of the negative impact that Byzantine and oppressive documents/agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and various other free trade agreements, or even the mere fact that such a small percentage of people control so much wealth within and outside of this country, and these men will simply smile and call you a communist or some other pejorative term that has no meaning when millions are starving to death or are on the brink of doing so every year.  They will continue their lifetime of patronization as they chide you for believing foolhardy things like babies, regardless of their income, deserve a chance to get clean water and milk.


They will shake their heads and tell you to wait, because the market will catch everything up.  Oh yes, that invisible hand of free trade that shall equalize us all in the end.  To these egotists, I must simply shake my head in return, and denounce their ways as simply devilish.  That invisible hand that they speak so highly of is doing nothing but slapping and demolishing the morale, bodies, psyches, and souls of peoples all across the globe.  The glove that shrouds the hand has been soaked in that noxious poison of free trade for the weak, but vast protection for the oh-so-wealthy!  Let’s be honest about this; free trade agreements were not called for en masse until the last thirty years, by which time First World based corporations would have no trouble dominating the governments and peoples of the impoverished world.


When we look at the history of the first world and its industrialization policies, we will notice a startling tendency within modern industrialized nations during their infancy to enact protectionist tariffs and the like in order to insure that the fledging factories did not falter due to stronger competition abroad, precisely the opposite prescription that is handed out freely in the last 25 years or so to nations attempting to develop themselves.


Dichotomous or pragmatic?  Or simply both?


It continues today for those of us whose intelligence and sense of observation have not been abated by massive effort to force us to run elsewhere.  We keep our eyes straight ahead in spite of the attempts at obfuscation that never seem to cease!   We listen as those government pundits declare the sanctity of the so-called free market out of one side of their mouth and then hand out dollar after dollar after dollar after dollar to Fortune 500 companies!   For instance, in the fiscal year 1997, Fortune 500 companies claimed 325 Billion dollars in profits.  That’s a misleading number though, seeing as how 75 BILLION dollars in subsidies were handed to them. (http://www.cato.org/testimony/ct-sm063099.html)   Where did those subsidies come from?  Oh yeah, the federal budget.  Where did they get the money for it?  Oh yeah, your fucking pocket!


Every time we hear another politician stand up for this economic system, recall that while we are “free” to either fail in nearly every small business opportunity that we engage in (which will make more money for FORTUNE 500 COMPANY BANKS) or just barely get by, that if your company is  already making billions, it can count on a few more, and if your company fails, it can count on watching the money that would have helped your small business go to subsidize another huge corporation that needed it the same way Joan Rivers needed some more plastic surgery.  And oh yeah, the small companies can pay for it.


The world bleeds from contusions caused by your invisible hand, economists and politicians.  If you do not stop your hand from striking us of your accord, we shall have no choice but to break it.

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