The Self-Aware Revolutionary

The successful revolutionary is a self-aware revolutionary. They work tirelessly to understand their own history and the history of others, to understand good theory and how it can be used in practice; they reflect on their work and how it can be improved; they work diligently to understand and improve their effect on others. Many religious traditions encourage periods of spiritual contemplation and reflection, which the revolutionary would learn much from for their political work. Parts of the day, week, month, and year are set aside for fasting, prayer, reconciliation, and reflection. Calls to prayer, the Sabbath, pilgramages, and periods of fasting mark many of the world's bigger religions.

A self-aware revolutionary movement would be infinitely more effective than a non-reflective, worn down one. Setting aside one day a week, a part of each day, and a period every year for thorough, deep, inward reflection – about our health, about our work, and about our lives – would do us all well. Activities could including writing, journaling, hiking, meditation, talk therapy, small group discussions, etc. – the list goes on.

Revolutionaries, to be effective, must make an active effort to be self-aware and conscious of their actions, thoughts, and theories. Mirrors are a powerful tool – if we only dare to actually look in them.

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