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Is Nancy the antichrist…or worse yet…Darth Vader incarnate?

(If you don not know who Nancy is on Court TV, she is probably the most impassioned news anchor they have. She is a lawyer, who had a boy friend killed during some hold up. She was a prosecutor who never lost a case. And she is tragically devoid of any compassion for the sickest members of the lowliest victims of the world…and i only say that…because on some level…I think that makes her tragically worse than them…because she ought to be capable of it. And the fact that the following post was deleted on that forum speaks volumes of what she, and Court TV itself, really thinks …about "freedom of speech.")

Nance, hun, lighten up and try to redirect your lovely wit, passion, anger and desire for revenge where it really belongs.

And first of all, in order to do that, you are going to have to give up that cherished superstition of yours that there is something sacred and noble about the "law". For law is nothing but the codification of already unwritten prejudices against the weak and disenfranchised by those wielding political power and who make those rules with no other purpose but maintaining their own supremacy. This is true regardless of any political system which bases it’s society on this myth that because you write it down it suddenly becomes magical, impartial and fair for everyone, when no one in their right mind can entertain that thought for an instant.

To imagine that the concentration of enormous amounts of wealth into the hands of kings and queens, who have never been exalted by their own unselfish gifts to humanity, and to fantasize that the concentration of that wealth, which results in the poverty and exploitation of virtually the bottom 90% of the worlds population, is not going to result in enormous amounts of "violent" crimes…is to deify stupidity!

Teaching children that it is wrong to steal candy because they have no money to pay for it with while someone else declares bankruptcy and who openly keeps bank accounts containing billions of dollars is not a civilization…but an insane asylum!

Our great and sacred court system which professes to believe all men are innocent until proved guilty labors under everything but that belief. The obviously guilty are set free on technicalities while the innocent are imprisoned because the system is not perfect and makes "acceptable" mistakes. Beggars are jailed for lack of $50 in bail. Other beggars are licensed to beg for hundreds and billions of dollars as tax deductions to pay ceo’s of "charitable " institutions enormous salaries. The entire legal profession is based on the most obscene form of sophism with each side attempting to portray lies as the truth and the truth as a lie because that is their paid role in the theatrical production. If there is a plea bargain with the offer of a specific amount of time being recommended to the court in return for a guilty plea the defendant stands before a judge who asks him or her if they have been promised anything in return for their plea and if they are giving their guilty plea freely and without coercion. And of course, in the surreal play the defendant is expected to perjure him, or herself, by answering, "No, your honor."

Prosecutors conveniently loose, misplace or never inform the defense of facts and evidence that would exonerate the accused despite the fact that they are breaking the law in doing so and despite the fact that it is their obligation to prove the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt which would imply that it is incumbent upon the prosecutor to also examine everything which might indicate that a defendant is innocent and that they have the wrong person on trial. A district attorney who obtains a conviction of an innocent person because that person had an incompetent attorney is no less culpable of incompetence then the defense attorney the defendant had and also should face reprimands and punishments for the injustice that was done.

Defense attorneys are allowed to withhold facts which prove an accused is guilty of embezzlement, rape, murder or other real crimes against society. This is all done despite the fact that the enormous amounts of theft that is the result of white collar crimes is a thousand times worse than ten thousand purse snatchers or petty thieves. Lawyers of rapist and murderers hide facts behind attorney client privilege despite the fact that rapists and murderers are entitled to mental health services and rehabilitation. Neither of which, however, are they going to find or receive in any of the Bastille’s that impregnate this nation from sea to shining sea and this land of freedom which has more people in prison per ca-pita than another nation in the world!

And as long as we are on the subject of why it makes more sense to build a twenty million dollar college of higher learning in crime rather than a five million dollar community college let’s face it…it is a good investment in the future because tomorrow we can build five hundred million dollar prisons with the lessons we haven’t learned from today. And by "codifying" and defining more inevitable results of poverty and the disparity of wealth as crimes we will have them overflowing in no time too. But then who ever said that total stupidity would be cheap?

Almost done, and as an aside, yet nevertheless related.

I of course, like everyone else, was appalled at Osama’s preemptive strike upon America based on his inaccurate intelligence reports that we have a nuclear weapons program and refused to allow inspectors in to view them. And I know that it is merely a lie that alQueda spread that our great nation has more weapons of mass destruction than any other two countries on the face of the earth and capable of destroying the world and all life on it…a thousand times over. Where are these purported wmd that we are suppose to have? Has anyone of the least of our citizenry even seen them? Then obviously they do not exist! Because we live in a free society and I know there is no government on the face of the earth that would be that evil to need the resources to destroy more than 99% of all life on the planet to feel protected and create a buffer zone and a "wall" to insulate us from death. Besides, we could not keep our ghettos in the pristine condition that they are in if we were pissing away on weapons of mass destruction programs the limited natural resources of an impoverished land such as America where brotherhood and sharing with one another rules our very judeo, christian, islamic, buddhist, taoist, native american, moonie, atheistic, neo-nazi and all the other cults melting pot of ours.

So, Nance, my love-I’m with you…because I swear to you-I too have dreamed of cutting off the toes and fingers and sexual organs and other body parts of the child rapists and torturers just to give them a dose of their own medicine. And like everyone else who has a conscience, I know it would not lower me to their level if I were allowed to do so. That is why I am pro-capital punishment-because there is a difference between a sadist being deprived of the human agony of having a conscience which would deny them of their "rational minds" ability to perform the insane actions they commit in the secret of the night and what we, who have the joy of having a conscience, do by light of day.

By means of televised courts, by means of lawyers who have studied ethics, by means of twelve death qualified jurors deliberating at their leisure, by means of judges who dispel justice tempered with mercy, by means of appeals to a Supreme Court composed of members with the wisdom of Solomon and who gave us the precedent of the Dread Scott decision, by means of a paid executioner who is just doing his job, by means of this, by means of that and by means of so much more is why there is a difference between what they did in breaking the sacred law and what we do to fulfill it.

Like everyone else, I’ve got more to say too…but it’s getting late so it will have to wait. Once last thing though, Nance, don’t worry about the title. There is a bit of Darth Vader and the antichrist in all of us but let me tell you, if you really try confronting that demon within yourself…you are going to find yourself very much alone and at one with everything…no matter where you are.

all for one and one for all,

You use to be able to be banned "permanently" from the court tv forum on more than one occasion by using a different ISP…but now they are putting something in your machine which let’s them know you are the kind…they do not want posting fucking anything on their forum of "politically correct" free speech(?).

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