The Toronto Globe & Mail says Venezuelan opposition trying to starve the poor into rebellion

One could on and on about the many ways this article by Stephanie Nolan is hideously biased in favor of the Venezuelan opposition, like 99% of everything you’ll see in the corporate media. But sometimes, because of that very bias, journalists are uninhibited enough to let some explosive truths be stated – deep into articles anyway. This article states

The opposition’s chief hope is that the Maduro regime finally will go completely broke.

When the food runs out entirely, the thinking goes, the streets will fill and people won’t go home until he leaves.

Then a bit further down adds

Mr. Maduro, however, still has some friends. In mid-May, Goldman Sachs bought $2.8-billion in 2014 bonds issued by Petroleos de Venezuela that had been held by the central bank.

Julio Borges and Henry Ramos, two of the men who have led the National Assembly since the opposition won control of it in 2015, have boasted of working hard and with success to block the government’s access to financing. The corporate media have generally reported on their tactics without mentioning that the objective is to make the economic crisis worse, never mind questioning the morality of it. It is striking how this article bluntly states that objective without raising any concerns.

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