The Twins at Ground Level

 I’m a researcher by Passion…passion borne of a desire to know – and to share what I know.  

My current research is primarily about The Twins:  Peak Oil (and Natural Gas) & Climate Change.  Couple that with co-running an organization that speaks to practicing Oneness in real-time and on the street, and you wind up with:

How do we re/co-create sustainable communities that bring the best of 21st Century innovation; the brightest and most aware of 20th Century Thinkers/Doers; and prior centuries of full-on Creators and Connecters?

I’ll be using my own little neighborwood in rural Georgia as a prototype for co-creation, as well as a nearby little town.  Taking the best I’ve been able to research thus far (and ongoing), I’ll be working (and sharing conversations) in the Moment…finding out where others are (or as they said in my Hippie Days – where they’re coming from), and putting the challenges of The Twins in everyday language – combined with the awareness that in some fashion…from all belief systems…we are all One…and begin to co-create.

This isn’t anything new.  Nothing is truly new – awareness of the local impact of The Twins – past the hype and BS – is what has to happen; even as the brightest and brilliant conceive their plans for saving the planet.

In many ways, those countries who suffered the most under the last paradigm shift of the 1500s, may just be the ones to show us/share with us, survivability and sustainability – even as we bring the 21st century innovations to the Ground Level.

Peace.  The Journey is, indeed, the Dance.  C’mon…up on the floor.  Let’s Rock.


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