The UK Guardian’s Latest Attack on Julian Assange

Here is an appeal to perhaps the only decent Guardian employed writer, Seumas Milne, asking him to speak up regarding his boss' latest attack on Julian Assange. This attack employed the tactic of completely distorting the position of one of Assange's key supporters, Jemima Khan:
RE: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/jun/23/julian-assange-ecuador-ambassador-quito?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Dear Seumas:

Please use your platform to correct this shameful distortion published by the Guardian regarding Jemima Khan:

Khan did not “call” on Assange to “face the allegations made against him in Sweden” as claimed in the article.

A list of her tweets is below and I find it hard to believe the distortion was not deliberate.

The distortion is worded so maliciously that it can even be taken to mean that she “called” on Assange to return to Sweden!

Is there no one at the Guardian willing to clarify that Sweden has refused to question Assange in the UK and, based on that questioning and other testimony, decide if it can even press charges?

Joe Emersberger

Jemima Khan (@Jemima_Khan)
21/06/2012 19:21
For the record, in response to those asking about Assange & bail money….

Jemima Khan (@Jemima_Khan)
21/06/2012 19:21
I personally would like to see Assange confront the rape allegations in Sweden and the 2 women at the centre have a right to a response

Jemima Khan (@Jemima_Khan)
21/06/2012 19:21
BUT there is no doubt that Assange has a real fear of being extradited to the US nor that the US gov is out to get WikiLeaks.

Jemima Khan (@Jemima_Khan)
22/06/2012 09:30
My tweet misinterpreted. Obvs I'd like Assange to answer allegations & clear his name but I understand why he's taken such drastic action

Jemima Khan (@Jemima_Khan)
22/06/2012 18:19
Annoyed by journos quoting only half my tweet about Assange & deliberately ignoring other half. Distorts point. The curse of 140 chars

Jemima Khan (@Jemima_Khan)
22/06/2012 23:50
I did NOT "tell Julian Assange to stop hiding and face his Swedish sex accusers" as this misleading headline claims

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