The United State’s war on Latin America escalates

Since the "end of history" and Thatcher’s TINA (There is no alternative) war around the world has been dominated by aggressive takeovers of resources against what were assumed to be relatively weak opponents. It is different form of domination to that which was employed during the cold war where imperialists were trying to defeat an ideology of hope for a different system. This struggle against an ideology has been reignited as Latin America. Perhaps it was the continent seen as least likely to rise to it’s feet following the battering it has taken militarily, economically, ideologically and culturally by the United States power structure and the companies that adhere to its intolerant capitalist ideology, but it is standing up and saying we want a new world.

Honduras has become the new battle ground for this struggle. Manuel Zelaya, a center-right president who dared to make modest reforms and step on the toes of a US military base has sparked the fire of imperial aggressions. Today those who dare to be political participants are being detained, tortured and killed for call for participative democracy. Carlos H. Reyes is a presidential candidate for the coming elections, he had his hand broken and was hit over the head and was also detained along with Juan Barahona, union leader and key organizer in the front against the coup. The message from the U.S. and from the Honduran elites is clear; "Hands off our power!"


U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Philip Crowley showed his true fascist colors with the statement: "We certainly think that if we were choosing a model government and a model leader for countries of the region to follow, that the current leadership in Venezuela would not be a particular model. If that is the lesson that President Zelaya has learned fro This ideological war and the blood that flows as a result must be fought and won by those who want a free multi-polar world where many different cultures and economic models can exist.


Battles were fought in Venezuela and Bolivia where people showed violent disapproval of the neoliberal path. In 1989 Caracazo, the 2003 Water War in Cochabamba and the 2003 battle to remove Lozada initiated in El Alto. These social uprisings later resulted in elected governments with mandates for radical change. And so the war began.

Today we are seeing major advances in quality of life in the ALBA countries as measured by western measures of development and even more so when a more holistic interpretation of societal health is taken. They have achieved these improvements by retaking control of certain components of their economies and putting resources at the services of their population. They have also begun a process of integration which goes beyond economy. Capitalists see a risk that some time in the future their profits will be affected by the actions these countries are taking. For those who believe in the end of history and TINA these are acts which cannot be tolerated.


The United States government together with domestic and international allies in government, media, "intelligence" agencies and NGO’s have been undertaking a diverse array of actions to subvert this new wave of participative democracy in a continuation of the processes that prevented popular change in the twentieth century. Its violence so far has been behind the Bolivian right wing paramilitaries, the Colombian army and paramilitary incursions into Ecuador and Venezuela and more recently the military coup in Honduras. These actions are part of the same strategy to undermine freedom, democracy, creativity, tolerance and economic efficiency that have taken place in every corner of the globe by imperialists in recent centuries.


A new cold war is brewing behind a curtain of puppet regimes. The Mexican government has declared blocked the electoral path to change and is waging a war on it’s own social movements and journalists behind the screen of the war on drugs which has been a key component of almost all US foreign incursions. The Colombian government is using the FARC (which rose from the shadows of the CIA assassination of Gaitan and heavy repression which began more than 50 years ago) to attack and discredit its Venezuelan neighbors who are attempting to find a new path to resolve the real issues created by years of brutal capitalism.


To date Latin America’s new left has been moderate in its confrontations with capitalism. In Venezuela despite massive advances, private profits continue to rise and consumerism remains the order of the day. Now, just as in 1989 with the Caracazo or 2003 in El Alto it’s time for the people to take charge. There is no room for half way positions or moderation. This struggle has no borders. The attack on Honduras is an attack against anyone who has hope for a new multi polar world where many different worlds fit. We have to take the attacks on the Honduran people personally. Just as people came out saying "we are all Marcos" in a statement of defiance against plans to assassinate the Zapatista figure head, we must be united in saying "we are all the ALBA". "We are all Honduran people." "We are all Evo Morales." This struggle is not about one character. It is the need to overcome the system which maintains the majority of the world in poverty and treats the planet itself as merchandise to be bought sold and controlled by those with the biggest wallets or guns.


A new human system is possible. In every corner of the globe it’s showing its head. In popular theatre and independent media, in the poor students coming out of Cuba to serve their people, in the permaculture and agroecology wave calling for respect for mother earth. It’s painted on city walls all over the world. We have to be willing to fight for these advances whatever the consequences. Those who have power will go to every length to maintain it. Our challenge is to defeat them.


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