The West and its “moral reflexes” are triggered in Syria

The  InterventionsWatch blog has done wonderful job exposing the pious warmongering of western liberals.

This post comments astutely on John Kampher’s claim that the West’s latest rush to war in Syria is driven by an “understandable moral reflex” that “something must be done, that the tyrant can't get away with it.”

Another post reveals how incredibly eager Ken Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, is to have the USA bomb Syria.

In fact, Ken Roth just took to his twitter account again to clarify that he doesn’t just want a “symbolic” bombing of Syria.

@KenRoth: If Obama decides to strike #Syria, will he settle for symbolism or do something that will help protect civilians?


Four days ago, Obama’s Department of Justice formally requested that Bush and his top officials be granted immunity for launching a war of aggression in Iraq – a war that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and possibly over a million. A lawsuit that names Bush and his top people was initiated by an Iraqi refugee living in San Francisco. As everyone should know, this move by Obama to protect Bush came a day after Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for exposing US crimes in Iraq and elsewhere in the world.

Those facts alone should convince anyone that the Obama administration couldn’t care less about civilians anywhere.  Its “reflexes” are not to “protect civilians” but to stuff the pockets of the elite it serves – and a crucial part of that involves keeping its war machine humming.  The people who run that war machine must never face consequences for their actions no matter how blatantly illegal and catastrophic. Dissidents like Manning, on the other hand, must be punished mercilessly.

None of this will dent the western liberal elite’s blind faith in the moral reflexes of their leaders. That should raise serious questions about the moral reflexes of people like Ken Roth.


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