Tom London makes a sensible reply to Owen Jones about Corbyn’s leadership BUT….

This is a very sensible reply Tom London made to Owen Jones about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the U.K. Labour party. Jones has very recently used his platform in the Guardian to call on Corbyn to resign.

It may be wise to respond to Jones by politely telling him you don’t question his motives but I think his behavior does call into question, if not his motives exactly, certainly his values and judgment. I assume he would prefer that Corbyn’s worldview be supported by Labour MPs but he isn’t about to pit himself – even indirectly – against the Guardian crowd to fight for that. He is much more comfortable sniping at Corbyn and his supporters – and getting applauded for it by the likes of Polly Toynbee, one of Guardian’s many Corbyn bashers.

Jonathan Cook summed it up it brilliantly when he said Jones “has spent far too much time whining about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his failure to reach out to voters rather than using his rare spot in the mainstream media to help him to do precisely that”

In contrast, Jones did accuse the left of having an anti-Semitism problem, a ridiculous capitulation to a cynical campaign waged by apologists for Israeli apartheid. He did use his column to trash leftists like Nick Wrack who are in no position to answer back.  He did not use his column to return fire against the people who viciously smeared Seumas Milne. He did not oppose last year’s “chickencoup” decisively when it was most needed, and even then muttered about a plan he had supported to have Corbyn step down before the next general election. He did not face the horrifying implications of the massive Labour MP rebellion against Thornberry’s motion on Yemen in October – only a month after Corbyn won the leadership election for the second time.

Seumas Milne also held his tongue about his bosses while he was at the Guardian, but he did not engage in left-bashing the way Jones does.

You could tell who would end up working for Corbyn and who would end up being a weak-kneed ally who would soon run for cover.

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