Thought Dreams — The Book…

Arbeiter Ring Pre4ss has just released (and I just received through the mail) Thought Dreams: Radical Theory for the Twenty First Century, a new book of mine.

Thought Dreams, the book, is my best effort to take an audience, starting from scratch, to a broad political conceptual framework suitable for understanding modern social relations, developing vision and strategy, etc. I suppose you might say it is my own framework, developed from scratch, applied to some cases, all as accessibly and conversationally as I could manage.

The book actually arises from a series of course I have taught at ZMI and also online, over the years. It even retains the give and take with students in those courses, at least to a degree. In these resepcts it is like my other Arbeiter Ring Book, Thinking Forward, which develops an economic vision from scratch in the same informal interactive way.

I hope folks will take a look at this new book, and, if you do, let me know your thoughts about it!

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