Today’s Satire: Spider Pig Buys Out Wall Street Journal

Well, this IS new content, and an idea I’ve been throwing around for a while. And hey, Z does satire every month!

Spider Pig Buys Out Wall Street Journal Spider Pig, who does whatever a Spider Pig does, stunned the business world Monday by announcing that it had purchased Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, sources close to the Pig reported. Spider Pig, a featured character in The Simpsons Movie, now in theaters, completed the months-long bid for the vaunted newspaper, founded in 1889. Business analysts wondered aloud if the Spider Pig bid was somehow linked to that of NewsCorp owner and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, which owns the Simpsons media franchise where Spider Pig is a famous new character. When pressed for comment, a spokesperson for Murdoch refuted the alleged ties between Spider Pig and Murdoch’s NewsCorp in strong terms: "This is absurd! Absolutely not. And besides, Spider Pig cannot swing from a web because he’s a pig." When asked for comment, Spider Pig merely delivered a high-pitched "squealing" sound. Follow-up queries to Spider Pig, particularly about persistent rumors on the internet of a proposed film, "Spider Pig: The Movie", went unreturned.

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