TORTURE – and our euphemizers

Of course I want prove of the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who were saved by torturing people in USA-prisons overseas. I want to know if Cheney tells the truth or whether he is a liar. (Well, I know – I can tell a liar when I smell one.)
And, yes, I want to know how many innocent men were imprisoned, and tortured. How they knew beforehand that someone was guilty. And how long it took the responsible squad leader to decide that the man was innocent.
And of course I want to know how many died in those cages and interrogation rooms. Not by calculating, with the official figures, so many are released, so many still in custody, which makes so and so many in total. No, I want to know how many died because of the torture, which the NYT calls brutal interrogation, and were removed from the figures.
And I like very much to know how it is possible that the New York Times decided to call it brutal interrogation instead of torture.
But first of all, and above all, I want to know how sick is the mind that decided that this photograph should be published as it is published.
Images emerged from Australia yesterday
where they were originally obtained by the channel SBS in 2006
in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal.
You can deny a man every right. You can humiliate a man. The boys who took his clothes (I bet someone squeezed his testicles) they had a good laugh. It is all allowed.
And you can photograph it. Click. Click. Click.
And inevitable it comes to printing of the photo. And filing.
And then, the publishing – on some bizarre kind of a need-to-know basis.
At that very moment someone decides: now we have to draw a line.
Not his prick. Not his balls!
How sick exactly are we in the Western World?

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