Torture Memo? Wasn’t Me!

The following entry appeared on InkyWatch, the Independent Media Center website for Phialedelphia

John Yoo As An Inky Regular

by Edward S. Herman

A New York Times editorial describes the four recently released legal justifications for torture written by Roger Bybee, John Yoo and company as “a journey into depravity"…



Dear Prof. Herman:

By way of introduction, I’ve enjoyed and cited your work for the past 25 years, and our work has sometimes appeared together in the now-departed Lies of Our Times and Z magazine.


In recent weeks, I’ve taken a lot of kidding from friends about supposedly being related to Jay Bybee, the despicable author of pro-torture memos for the Bush Administration.  But I’ve never been, until now,  directly accused myself of writing the memos. I have been guilty of many things, but not advocating torture.


Now, I haven’t researched the genealogical charts, so I cannot claim with certainty that there is no absolutely no remote blood linkage between Jay Bybee and I.


And true, Jay Bybee and I have never been seen at the same place at the same time.


So you will merely have to take me at my word when  I  assure you definitively that Jay Bybee and I are not the same person, nor have I ever written any pro-torture memos.


In fact, Jay Bybee probably believes that people like me should be incarcerated and tortured as an essential pre-emptive step against terrorism.


Thanks for providing a good laugh. All the best, Roger Bybee

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