Trump Says He Doesn’t Understand Why US Should Defend Germany from Russia

Ignorance is often Trump’s saving grace. He doesn’t get why anti-Russsian propaganda has to be kept at full volume. One of the greatest threats to UK and US world hegemony has been the possibility of a completely natural alliance between geographical neighbours, Germany and Russia, or now the EU and Russia. That such an alliance would pacify the European continent even more than the EU already has and dramatically reduce the likelihood of a nuclear confrontation is not a factor for British and US policy makers.
A book very much worth reading is
Guido Preparata: Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich (2005)
“Through a close analysis of events in the Third Reich, Preparata unveils a startling history of Anglo-American geopolitical interests in the early twentieth century. He explains that Britain, still clinging to its empire, was terrified of an alliance forming between Germany and Russia. He shows how the UK, through the Bank of England, came to exercise control over Weimar Germany and how Anglo-American financial support for Hitler enabled the Nazis to seize power. This controversial study shows that Nazism was not regarded as an aberration: for the British and American establishment of the time, it was regarded as a convenient way of destabilising Europe and driving Germany into conflict with Stalinist Russia, thus preventing the formation of any rival continental power block. Guido Giacomo Preparata lays bare the economic forces at play in the Third Reich, and identifies the key players in the British and American establishment who aided Hitler’s meteoric rise.”

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