Trying to Blog

Ahhh… my first 24 hours of on-going interconnectivies in the ZedShed.

Bloggin’! <- That’s an interjection of catharsis? I need to network. I’m an extra-social animal and I have the need to connect and be connected to. It can be chit-chatty, it can be social liberatin’, it can be technical and it can be a lot of others things. The more of these interconnected the better.

But, bloggin’ and forums and databases are still too separate. I send a blog comment, but I can’t get a subscription to see ongoing discussions there. If someone wants to get back to me on a comment they’ll most likely post a comment I might never see or – to ensure my seeing it – have to click on my name and then on an e-mail. I’m on the wickedest-dialup/home-kit-in-the-Great-Lakes and so these things connections – from my perspective – are even less seamless to me. And we’re all going to have so many of them. Sooo… we’ll probably need a tag/metatag/tag cloud system of some sort.

Man! I wish I could program way beyond insertin’ simple html tags, ’cause I can feel (if I can’t articulate yet) where I wanna go. I want to drag stuff around a virtual desktop and have a ‘seamless’ feel like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. A litle like the boardgamegeek.com.  I want to wiki (arrived just in time to see it down)! I want to immerse and then figure it out from there.

This site is x3 (outta 4, for me technically, and in my limited dilettantish experience), but I wanna (us and me) connect , grow and move around here like Michael Jordan. (the smiley influenced this funky metaphor ->)

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