UDNG about eolic energy

 A message to Norbert G. Suchaneck and Marcia Gomes de Oliveira (and President Barack Obama):

Norbert, I’m Fernando. You and Marcia were in Quilmas in January. I’ve written an article about the Judicial treatment of the Trial in Corcubiom of the Prestige case and written the International Crime Court about it. Don’t know how things are in Brasil, (nor Germany) but I suspect that here there isn’t any. You can read it at the page of Quilmas (sure Marcia can translate it): http://quilmas.wordpress.com/   as an external link at the Spanish Wikipedia sub voce Prestige and and at my blog at Znet, an American page (search for me at "sustainers").

I think now the eolic energy the government has been installing here is just a fake, cause, as far as I know, there is no connection between the pretended "eolic generators" they install in the mountains and anything (electrical central or anything) that could transport and distribute the energy; but I’m not sure. Could you investigate about this? If I’m right, could you consider the possibility of making afilm or something about this. Where do you write? Can you contact me wit some one on the international press that could publish my views on the Prestige case? UDNG views at the present about eolic energy are these:http://oseolicosgalegoseospantanos.blogspot.com/.






















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