Union of South American Nations

Simon Bolivar would be pleased.

The 12 South American countries are putting his ideas to the test by integrating into an intergovernmental body called the Union of South American Nations.

It looks as if the liberation from the Colossus of the North is nearly complete.

It was not even two years ago when Jose Ruiz, a U.S. Southern Command spokesman, said the region was “our area of responsibility.”

But none of this changes the struggle for the population to further democratize their respective countries; the struggle to impose the Zapatista rule: “rule by obeying.”

This is certainly good news.

We should all see the hope that resonates in this development.

But as an athlete never stops training and practicing to maintain and develop their skill (biologists might call this the Red Queen Principle), so must we continue to train and practice our collective and individual responsibility to maintain and develop a vibrant, thriving and fully functioning democracy where the government rules by obeying.

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