V for Vendetta Film Review

Here’s a recent radio review of the film "V for Vendetta" that I did for Redeye, a collectively produced radio program heard on Vancouver Coop Radio, CFRO. The Warchowski brothers, famed for their “Matrix” film series, adopted their screen play for the film from a comic book. The comic, also titled “V for Vendetta”, was created by celebrated comic book writer Alan Moore in the 1980s. The review covers the political inspiration for the film and comic, Guy Fawkes and the 1605 “Gun Powder Plot”, the films portrayal of anarchism and anarchist influence, sci-fi fantasy and film as a medium for social commentary, the use of violence as a tool for social change and classical anarchist strategy for revolution. If you’ve seen, or do go see, the film let me know what you think. The audio file for the review is an mp3 file so you’ll need an mp3 player.

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