Vicente Fox makes a death threat against Venezuelan President Maduro. Did anyone notice or care?

Phoney “anti-Trump” hero Vicente Fox eagerly does Trump’s dirty work against Venezuela. In this video Fox says of President Maduro that “that dictator will either resign or leave feet first, in a box”

Fifteen yeas of relentless propaganda against Venezuela have made any kind of despicable behaviour permissible. Will be interesting to see if any English language establishment media make a headline of Fox’s threat. Let’s be clear. This a death threat Fox has made, not a prediction, given his close association with the Venezuelan opposition which he makes amply clear. Here is a more complete quote:

Venezuela will be free very shortly and that dictator will either resign or leave feet first, in a box. Venezuela must return to democracy and we are all going to make sure of that. Everybody, I repeat, here in Colombia, in the United States, in the Organization of American States and anywhere in the world we are going to have a united front to save this great Latin American nation that is presently prostrated under the boots of the dictator. His revenue stream must be closed. Economic and comercial options have to be closed…That donkey Maduro is not interested in the law or human rights. It is not about how he responds to all the allegations against him. I think he is going straight to the Hague along with his henchmen….”

What would the response be to a remark like this about a US president? Recall that US pundits openly called for the assassination of Julian Assange who simply engaged in journalism – not death threats.

US liberals like to rebuke Trump on tactical grounds for threatening Venezuela directly and argue that the proper approach is use “regional allies”.

Translated -that means outsource the US aggression to right wing Latin American politicians like Vicente Fox who will jump all over an opportunity to criminalize the left in the region as much as possible.

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