Video: YouTube Vs Our Channels and Our Ideas

Here's the link to my new video at zspace.

Here's the link to my YouTube channel.

Here's how it works.  In the past when my hard won viewers came to my YouTube channel, they could choose a playlist (or favorites or videos) and see a list of my created videos, and or my personally sellected videos in a list on the right.  As I kept them interested, they would stay on my channel, click on my icons, and view my other videos, and only my videos.


Now, my playlist is shown way at the bottom, while a new list of videos chosen by YouTube is shown to my viewers on the right.  If they choose the icon for any video on the right, even one of mine, they leave my channel.


As shown in the video, in some cases, the list on the right may contain only 1 of my videos (either created by me or selected by me,) while all of the other selections are chosen by video.  As I show, this can quickly direct my viewers totally away from my views and  facts, and toward false ideas and opinions that I do not share regarding on social issues.  For example, in the old system they could see part 1 of a multi-part video, and part 2 would be nearby in my playlist.  Now part 2 may not be on the list at the right at all.   


In the old system, viewing other videos, (not on my channel but related,) was an option available by clicking on the text name of a video being shown at my site.  What's changed is that this option has essentially been turned into the default.  The default is to direct viewers away from the channels we've made on YouTube, and  toward choices created by YouTube.  

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