View of the Peace prize from North Beach

When I awoke Friday, I clicked tv on for the weather and heard “Obama Nobel Peace Prize,” thinking I was dreaming. Shaking the sleep out, I wondered about this dream since usually mine are paranoid ones, being chased by CIA, or some version of the Parallax View, never involving famous people. It was 20 minutes before another report surfaced (such a high priority in US) and a promise to broadcast his response from the WH live. I fell for the hook, and kept the tv on through coffee, in place of Democracy Now to see the President in the saddest expression I have every seen this man of calm and optimistic demeanor. I think this award doesn’t help him politically in this country and believe David Addington is going to have to work overtime to make lemonade out of it. However, I am an optimist, if I am a cynically radical lefty, and I believe the WH has some impressive potential in foreign policy diplomacy. They can make space for many people to make good things happen. [disclaimer: I voted for Cynthia MdKinney.]

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