Was that the Onion or Reuters Quoting Mike Pompeo on Venezuela?

This Reuters article says

“The Maduro regime is illegitimate and the United States will work diligently to restore a real democracy to that country,”

Pompeo told reporters in Abu Dhabi, where he is on a tour of Middle East countries. ” [emphasis added]


The Onion might have simply changed “countries” above to “dictatorships”  or, better still,  “dictatorships armed by the United States”.

Glenn Greenwald astutely commented on Twitter


A “serious” outlet like Reuters should be able quote a critic of US foreign policy saying something like that in a news article.

In fact, this actually happened once – in November of 2017 when the EU imposed some sanctions on Venezuela. A Reuters article quoted Noam Chomsky as follows:

“The idea of imposing an arms embargo on Venezuela while refusing to impose one on Saudi Arabia is beyond parody, not least because of Saudi Arabia’s murderous assault on Yemen, which has created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the world,” said U.S. philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky. “

If that kind of thing were standard practice at major outlets like Reuters, it could literally save millions of lives. 

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