Water Rights

I ordered, then actually sat/laid down to watch Blue Gold, World Water Wars. That Maude Barlowe is an impressive, convincing person, start listening 40 minutes in to learn about democracy breaking out all over the world and a lot of other crucial tidbits,"can you think of a stronger word?"..

Now it’s Water Articles Everywhere, and will there be healthy drops to drink? The New York Times this Sunday had Clean Water Laws are Neglected, at a Cost in Suffering. The comments on the NYT water article are pretty interesting too.

And now here’s Chip Ward with Tom Englhardt trying to bring all the world drought news together, even if the local lack of water is often covered as fire news.

Everywhere water problems threaten to lead to water wars, while "drought refugees" flee the land and food crises escalate. It’s a nasty brew. But here’s the strange thing — one I’ve commented on before: there has been some fine reporting on each of these drought situations, but you can hunt high and low in the mainstream and not find any set of these droughts in the same piece. There’s little indication that drought might, in fact, be an increasing global problem, nor can you find anyone exploring whether the fierceness of recent droughts and their spread might, in part, be connected to climate change. The grim "little" picture is now regularly with us. Whatever the big picture may be, it escapes notice, which is why I’m particularly glad that environmentalist and TomDispatch regular Chip Ward has written a drought piece in which, from his perch in Utah, he takes in the whole weather-perturbed American West

Do you think I should ask around about how to send Tom and Chip the Blue Gold DVD? They must be aware of all Maude Barlowe’s and everyone’s work exposing the big picture on world water shortage, right?

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