We must all pursue obvious conditions of a mutual peace, not arm further and cheer on a hopeless war.

The declared intention of USA NATO and Ukraine’s government to join in a hostile military alliance against their neighbour Russia has now proven to be a terrible mistake and negligent disaster for the people and sovereign state of Ukraine.

For USA/NATO to now continue making Ukraine a weapon, while we all watch it disintegrate deeper into a refugee people and become ground down in an endless kill show, is a grotesquely unwise and hopeless future. USA/NATO expansion, demonising propaganda, sanctions and confrontation against Russia has been wrong. Peace now with Russia is the answer before it invades and irreversibly destroys more Ukrainian people and state. Neutrality can now clearly be seen to have been the wise choice for a smaller nation caught between the needless confrontation of USA/NATO and Russia. Ukrainian neutrality, up until the USA decided to initiate a violent coup in 2014, had enabled Ukraine to live as a sovereign republic beside Russia, with internal peace among its mixed population.

USA paying for an illegal coup to overthrow Ukraine’s fairly elected government in 2014, backed by ultra nationalist (anti ethnic Russian) racist military militias, and the IMF economic austerity and USA/NATO military agendas, was a crime against international law, USA then hand picking Ukraine’s resulting coup government gave birth to an ethnically divided Ukraine that has experienced tragic civil wars for the last 8 years since, and now an invasion by Russia. In 2015 Ukraine’s divisive government did sign a peace accord with Russia in Minsk, to democratically resolve the status of it’s mostly ethnically Russian breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, But Ukraine’s government has failed to ever implement this agreement, instead it continued to bomb these people’s cities and fight them for the last 7 years, with racist nationalist militias like the Azov Brigade. Instead of ethnic peace, Ukraine’s government has appointed the leader of this Azov far right brigade as leader of Ukraine’s actual police, it has integrated the ultra nationalist racist militias into it’s police and army. It enacted a ban on the 47% of Ukrainians who speak Russian, from being allowed speak their language in public. Instead of internal peace and human rights it has pursued ethnic division and violent civil wars, Ukraine’s coup government and USA/NATO have promoted a hostile military alliance against Russia, Ukraine’s actual neighbour and this has proven a terrible unwise mistake.

Ukraine’s government needs to sincerely offer Russia Neutrality now, sooner than later, instead of continuing to pursue this military alliance against Russia, that USA/NATO insincerely offered. This is not a mistaken capitulation to invasion, neutrality was always the only wise choice, becoming a threat to Russia has not protected Ukraine’s sovereignty it has failed and negligently destroys it. In this terrible mistake USA and NATO are most culpable to blame, more so than Russia, Russia has violently reacted to it’s security threat, but USA NATO deliberately and illegally initiated the coup and provoked this invasion by arming it’s Ukraine government and boasting it into a looming hostile military alliance against it’s true neighbour Russia. This destroyed the conditions of a mutual peace that had existed between Ukraine and Russia up until the 2014 coup.

By returning to Neutrality and fulfilling the 2015 agreed Minsk Peace Accords for democratically resolving the internal tragic civil war regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Ukraine and Russia can unravel this invasion and usurp their war hawk’s positions on both sides. Sovereignty of Ukraine and security of both peoples can and should only be enabled through neutrality, not military confrontation. Ukraine’s internal divisions need to resolve through reversal of ethnically divisive laws and far right police. At the very least, Ukraine now realigning with its previous neutrality and the Minsk Peace Accords it signed in 2015, would clearly undermine and disprove Russia’s repeatedly stated reasons for this eventual invasion, if they are then shown to be insincere.

We must all pursue obvious conditions of a mutual peace, not arm further and cheer on a hopeless war.

-love Antonio

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