We’re All Invisible

Darcus Howe is the hope of humankind everywhere, not solely blacks in the UK. He speaks for all of us: we're all powerless now.

Now, we are all, each of us, invisible people before the power of Big Money. In the US during the so-called deficit debates in Congress and as portrayed in the corporate media, the needs of ninety-eight percent of the people were ignored. If you're not an investment banker, you're nobody–you don't exist. You make less than a million dollars a month? —You're now nobody. We're all nobodies now unless you work for Goldman Sachs or Bank of America.

We here in the US who make less than a million a month are the American equivalent of poor blacks of the UK. We're all invisible to the media and invisible to the elected officials. The abuse of state power, the violence of state power, is manifest in the austerity budget and enforced on the streets by the police. We are condemned to be invisible onlookers as the powerful shove us into deeper poverty, joblessness, homelessness, and hopelessness. The capitalist system blocks the power of the people from entering the legislatures and the mass media that are owned by the super-rich. Where do people turn for justice?

Street violence is the burning of a car. State violence is the ink flowing from Obama's pen as he signed the deficit-reduction legislation. Better it should be labelled the "jobs-reduction bill" or the "poverty and homelessness expansion act" because that's precisely what it is. The fraud perpetrated by the powerful is a fake political democracy as the real world of human suffering is filtered through the reality-distortion machine of corporate media, the corporate Congress, and the corporate White House.

Darcus Howe. He speaks for all Americans here in California as much as he speaks for poor blacks in London. The world is controlled by well-dressed and articulate liars and lunatics doing, not the people's business, but protecting the interests of a tiny fraction of the human population–the magnates of corporate business. The words of Darcus Howe are portentous. The American silence is ominous.

Darcus Howe interview on Democracy Now!

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