West Papua Tense, widepsread military activeties today.

Saturday,4 December 2010 by Eagle Eyes

The Indonesian military is today carrying widespread military activities against the West Papuan people. The Cenradwasih university dormitories have been blockaded, and armed soldiers are carrying out operations against political activists.

Report from KNPB, Jayapura. 4/12/10. Source; http://westpapuamedia.info/

I inform you directly from Jayapura West Papua that the people of West Papua is now on emergency under Indonesia military forces. Until this night TNI (the national army of Indonesia) and Police are still blockading every places in Abepura. I got accurate information from my people near Tanah Hitam that Indonesian military shot dead a farmer at Abe Gunung when this man was in garden. One man namely Miron Wetipo shot on 6.18 PM this afternoon and his body was in Bhayangkara Hospital.


Last night on 03.00 AM Indonesia military forces destroyed all of the West Papua people’s houses near Abe gunung and arrested 2 man. One of them was a shepherd. From the morning till this night police and TNI arrested people without any reasons. According to the witness, they are looking for Dany Kogoya. He is an activist and also advocate for the OPM and TPN.

According to Danny’s neighborhood, TNI and Police intentionally put the gun and bullet near the Danny’s house to publish out that it was Danny’s gun and bullet so that they could carry out everything they want.

Here is the name that were arrested:
1. Ev. Yesmin Yikwa
2. Yupiter Tabuni
3. Tenius Yikwa
4. Manu Kogoya
5. Lambert Siep
6. Nalius Karoba
7. Yumbuk Yikwa
8. Yotan Kogoya

According to the chef of Police in Jayapura, the reason was to arrest the perpetrators of the shooting that happening some days ago. But I inform you that the Indonesian army and the police are carrying out shooting and arresting without any interrogation against them. They have intimidated, terror and tortured the civil of West Papua brutality. In fact, they are not the perpetrators. Police and TNI also were blockaded near the barracks of Uncen (Cenderawasih University).

Tonight, many shooting sounds are still continue.
Victor F. Yeimo
The international Spokesperson for KNPB

 Via;    http://westpapuamedia.info/

The Indonesian Military Regime claims that it is trying to eradicate and destroy the OPM (Operesi Papua Meredka, Operation Papua Freedom), but the OPM is a philosophy of Papuan self determination and is mostly political and peaceful it has a small armed wing called the TPN. Normal families all over west papua have OPM stickers on the wall and OPM clocks many carry OPM bags etc. Almost every single person in West Papua wants their right of self determination that has been denied to them. The US knew in 1969 that 85-90 % of papuans would vote for independance if they had the chance and this is still; the case now. The OPM stands for the almost united aspiration to self determination that Papuan people have. The OPM is the manifestation of this yearning. It is the papua people. When the Indonesian military says it wants to destroy the OPM it is being honest. But to do this it has to smash and destroy the whole Papuan identity and probably kill most of the people. When it says it wants to destroy the OPM it is in fact an admission that it intends to commit genocide, to destroy a peoples hope, aspirations, society and their physical bodies.

People all over west Papua are still mourning Kelly Kwalik, one of many national heroes who was killed last year by Indonesian special forces. Jakarta regards those that killed Kwalik as heros while Papuans cry and Lament yet another prominent papuan figurehead killed by the Indonesian military.

This show just how polarized and far apart Jakarta and Papua are.

Tonight guns are firing around blockaded Abepura neighbourhood and the army has surrounded Cendrawasih University dormintories, arbitrarilly arresting, beating, torturing and abducting students and whoever else maybe there. In an operation at Cenrawasih University in 2006 amid the carnage students were shot, 4 policemen were killed and dozens of students were abducted, dissappeared and were never seen again. The Indonesian military is trying to root out the OPM, which could be almost any Papuan there.

The military claim to be hunting Daniel Kogoya, a prominent OPM activst who has evaded the military for over 30 years, largely by living in the jungle. Footage of the viscious terrorist Daniel Kogoya can be seen in this film.


Prominent Human rights activist Sebby Sambom was detained yesterday by a group of Indonesian police & military personnel at Sentani airport in Jayapura yesterday.
His current whereabouts is unknown, and his family had recently received death threats.

Sebby Sambom

The unreported genocide in west papua continues. Reporters are banned from reporting about the suffering of the papuan people at the hands of the brutal Indonesian military and its allies. The Indonesian Military is working alongside the Police and the military police, Laskar jihad militias, (the Indonesian president SBY has openly admited in the past that the military works closely with jihadis to to bring the authority of Jakarta to East timor, maluku, ache and other place, a jihadi militia was reported to have arrived in jayapura 3 days ago), and some of the same non jihadi militias that did so much of the militaries dirty work in East Timor, with full special forces training, cooperation and awareness of US and Australian special forces, to deny West Papuan people their fundamental right to self determination which they have never had.

Regaurding operations in the highlands.

The following is an urgent appeal from, Source ; Asian Human rights commision.


 INDONESIA: Killing of two indigenous Papuans during sweeping operation December 3, 2010

Dear friends,According to reports received from local activists, two villagers were killed in Bolakme, Papua, Indonesia during a sweeping operation by the security forces on December 1, 2010. CASE NARRATIVE: Local activists reported that between 10am and 5pm on December 1, 2010 in the Bolakme sub-district of Jayawijaya in Papua, Indonesia, the Indonesian military (TNI) (Kodim 1702) and police (Jayawijaya resort police) conducted a joint sweeping operation regarding alleged separatist activities. Two indigenous Papuans, Asli Wenda and Elius Tabuni were shot dead during the operation at 1pm. No post mortem examination has yet been conducted as there are no facilities for autopsies in the area. The relatives or supporters of the victim would have to travel and transfer the body to the nearest medical doctor themselves, which is difficult insecure given the distance to hospitals and the aggressive activities by the security forces.Bolakme is a small town in the Papuan highland region, which is heavily militarized and suffers from an oppressive climate due to the tense security situation.See more pictures: photo 1, photo 2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:The AHRC has documented numerous cases of such human rights violations that point to a pattern of endemic and possibly systematic arbitrary arrest, torture and killings as part of military operations against separatist movements. Due to operations by the military as well as the police, many innocent members of the indigenous community are being deprived of their rights and freedoms as Indonesian citizens. The AHRC has received credible reports about violations of rights allegedly committed by the military during “sweeping” operations by the military in the West Papuan highlands, which include the burning of houses, killing of livestock, arrests and other forms of violence. Since Indonesia is not allowing foreign journalists or human rights groups into the area, little is known about the extent of the problem, although reports are increasingly making their way out of the region.The AHRC recalls that the military are placed beyond the reach of civilian courts, by virtue of Indonesia’s military law. Discussions on legislation to enable soldiers that commit crimes against civilians to be brought before civilian courts have reportedly been halted without result and are no longer listed for discussion by the country’s parliament.SUGGESTED ACTION:Please send letters to the authorities below calling for an independent and impartial investigation into the case, the effective prosecution of the perpetrators and investigations into all forms of intimidations of the indigenous community. Jakarta should respond to the call for a genuine dialogue with the indigenous communities. The AHRC is also writing separate letters to the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions and the UN Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people as well as the UN Independent Expert on minority issues.

Thank you.Urgent Appeals ProgrammeAsian Human Rights Commission (ua@ahrc.asia)Indonesia Desk (indonesia@ahrc.asia)

In solidarity with the West Papuan people. 

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