Western Union, Saani Amina Deeshini and black brotherhood

I know a 30 old years girl from Ghana, Saani Amina Deeshini, since nearly two years on the internet. She doesn’t speak a lot of English, but she has a seducing way of chatting, based in “ohk!,” and “yh.” I’m divorced since about two years also. I tried to hire her here in Spain as a maid. It’s impossible, because nationals will always have every precedence about jobs over foreigners here. I tried to get her a license for studying. She would need a 20 hours a week course, with some official titulation at ending, and there is not any English course like that here, in Santiago de Compostela; anyway, she swears her certificate of having coursed high-school studies for adults has been burnt in a fire. Finally, we’ve been thinking about marrying, or her marrying someone, and get Saani to visit us. I bought her a cheap phone, 200 €, sending her that money by Western Union, first only 5€, just to try, then everything what’s left. Then we were arranging for her docs. Basically her passport, and her birth certificate, which she needs for her passport. Tried to send her 1000 €  for food in December 2021, but after two hours of engaging talk on their free line, Western Union agents said the girl was probably a scammer, many guys had had problems with Ghanaian transfers before, and didn’t allow me to send Saani Amina Deeshini nothing, settling for a full refund in 5 or 6 days.  Refund never arrived. The 1000 € disappeared. Forever. Not for Saani Amina Deeshini, nor for me, not for anyone but them, Western Union dark agents. Good. Sent her 35 € once more for her docs, on December Monday 31th, and as legalized and authorized birth certificates’ prizes had risen, fucking true, as some specialized immigration lawyers ratified me online today, sent her once more 100 € more this morning, on Thursday 3rd. Western Union officers at her place, the dire city of Tamale, Ghananaian Republic, which lives substantially on porn and drugs, but pray, hypocritically pray, at the start of every parliamentary session… Goood, Western Union officers told her that, as I had sent her 35 € on January Monday 31st and 100 € more now, on February Thursday 3rd, she couldn’t get any money, because there weren’t allowed transfers for more than twice a month, until fifteen days had past.  It seems they not only tried to cheat her,  raped her too,  some kind of problem with someone sewing her dress, she was about crying on vc late afternoon, anything rather than allowing her to cash. Just because me, as her WU  black brothers, repeated, her WU sender, was a “white man,” and, as WU officers  stated, she was surely (that was what they alleged) scamming some “white man” out of her country.


A profile of the city of Tamale in an European Union report. Slums, AIDS and disgrace.


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    Michael February 4, 2022 9:20 am 

    There are many legitimate questions to be raised up WU. We should have more attention to this since so many people depend upon it in the world.

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