Who Needs Humanitarian Aid When You Have 65 New Airplanes?!

Did anyone else notice this newspaper article today? 



Seems like the Iraqi government is making good use of its budget to buy 40 new Boeing aircraft and option for a future 10 more, all for the incredibly low price of $5.5 billion, with a b, as well as $400 million for 10 Canadian planes.  All of this at a time when the US media claims that the current Iraqi government is fighting ‘radical’ militias who oppose the will of the Iraqi majority.  Do the people of Iraq really need $5.9 billion of their money spent on aircraft when they are in such desperate need of food, water, jobs, security, medical facilities, etc.?  The government claims to be an accurate representation of the people, and yet spends its money on this?  In fact, where did it get this money?  With 70% unemployment and no transportation to speak of, how is the government making money?  This just boggles my mind.  Boeing makes the fighters, bombers and unmanned aerial vehicles that are killing so many Iraqis and the Iraqi government turns around and purchases Boeing passengar jets.  Iraq sure is "progressing" nicely to a "western-style democracy"! 


The same article also mentions the last attempt to purchase planes, from Airbus, was not fruiticous because the Jordan government considers the planes part of the frozen assets of Iraqi Airways.  If they have frozen assets, how can they afford new planes?

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